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Work is picking up! Finally!!

Three auditions a couple of days ago.  Two today.  On ‘avail’ for a VISA spot.  For everyone I know out there, the last few months have been incredibly slow.  But if the last few days are any indication, things are starting to happen again. Great news on the reality show – THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF WALTER FLUNN front.  A very popular cable channel bought a pilot!!  They are very interested in the show – and if they like what they see with the pilot (which we’re going to shoot this summer), we’ll start shooting some more episodes.  We’re told they will air in the first quarter of 2009!  There’s a lot of ‘ifs’ involved, but at this point – it all seems very, very positive.  Here’s a sampling of some of the art work created after the sell.

Is the Walter Flunn...or Cary Grant??


Because there is not a lot of new news to report (other than what I’ve discussed above), I thought I’d go back in the ‘vaults’ and tell a few stories of my experiences working on some of shows I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with over the years.  I also want to share some of the behind the scenes photos taken on the set during the shoot for each particular project. The first show that comes to mind is STAR TREK: VOYAGER.  I loved working on that show.  I’m not a science fiction fan myself – and had never seen the show when I auditioned for it.  But I knew it was a popular show – and I also knew that the show was coming to an end.  So, when my agent called me to go in and audition, I was thrilled.  I was up for the role of Zet, a rather nasty character who, along with his side-kick Nar, kidnaps Captain Janeway.  I don’t get to play ‘bad guys’ very often – so this was a wonderful opportunity for me.  Thankfully, I booked the job and reported for work the next week. We shot on the Paramount lot.  Because the show had been running for a few years at this point, the set had a real family feel.  And since the show had two episodes left before it was over completely, everyone seemed that much close– perhaps not wanting the show to come to an end.  For my side-kick I was blessed to be partnered with the hilarious Andy Milder.  I love working with that guy.  As an actor, he offers so much – and is really there with you.  If you are an actor reading this, you’ll know what I mean.   Andy has gone on to do a great job working on WEEDS, but when we worked together on STAR TREK: VOYAGER, WEEDS was no where in sight (and neither was ‘weed’, but I digress).  

The make-up was rather intense.  Our call was 4:30 a.m., since it took so long to get us into make-up.  I think it was about an hour and a half to two hour make-up job.  As you can see, the final result made us look like big potatoes in clothes.  But being so covered up was very freeing as an actor.  I could play the ‘bad guy’ and really get into it because I knew I looked so darn ugly.  I remember Kate Mulgrew couldn’t have been sweeter.  She was so warm and welcoming.  In fact, since we were shooting around the time of St. Patrick’s Day, Kate had organized a big St. Patrick’s Day party on one of the other sound stages.  So as we broke for lunch on St. Patrick’s Day, the entire cast and crew made our way over to the other sound stage which had been all decorated for the big event.  One by one, we were greeted by Kate who handed everyone a bottle of Bushmills Irish Whiskey. And if that wasn’t Irish enough, everyone was then treated to a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage.  I think that was my favorite St. Patrick’s Day ever.  I was employed on a hit show, and having a great time.  And I had just been given a lovely bottle of Whiskey.  Who could ask for anything more? Another memory of being on that show was that it was very hot being in that make-up and costume.  Every break we had, Andy and I would head out of the sound stage and get some fresh (and cooler) air.  I remember the secret joy of having Paramount backlot tour vans drive by and seeing the excited tourists all snapping pictures as Andy and I stood there pretending not to be as thrilled to be seen as the tourists were to see us. Kate Mulgrew and me

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