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Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee – an actor’s life for me….

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated – but boy, oh boy – time flies!  I’m just going to dive right in with what’s been happening for the last few months….

Thankfully, auditions have been picking up lately.  I had the pleasure of auditioning for Casting Director Suzanne Goddard-Smythe for the very popular kid’s show called SHAKE IT UP.  It was for the role of the principal.  I have a feeling I didn’t book the job – but what a pleasure reading with Casting Director Suzanne Goddard-Smythe.  She gives so much in the reading.  And in the waiting room prior to the audition, she is like a cheerleader.  Fantastic.  I also had the pleasure of reading for the casting office of Juel Bestrop.  Again – Josh and Brittany couldn’t have been nicer.  It was for a nice role on COMMUNITY – so I should find out this week.

Later this week, I’m working on a new 1/2 hour comedy pilot called REALITY, INC.  The show should be a lot of fun – and the Casting Director: Tracy Lilienfield was delightful.  In the past, Tracy has cast such wonderful shows as WILL & GRACE and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE – so, it’s a great office to know.

Last week I shot a student film with a very good up and coming student film director at USC – Sean Jarrett.  I thought he was very good – organized – knew how to work with his crew – knew how to direct actors.  So, Sean – when you plan on making your Academy Award winning film – give me a call, OK?

October 15 – I was involved in “The 17th Annual Music Box Steps Day” sponsored by The Silver Lake Improvement Association.  It’s an event that celebrates the location and surrounding area used to shoot the 1932 Academy Award winning short film starring Laurel and Hardy called THE MUSIC BOX.  My old friend from high school – Brian Mulligan – and I were hired to play the lovable duo – Laurel and Hardy.  We would chat with people – and also pose for pictures in front of the stairs.  A great group of people – and a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

In late August and early September, I was back in Toronto working on Season 3 of the hit Canadian kid’s show WINGIN’ IT created by Frank van Keeken.  What a blast!  I have worked with many of those people for Season 1 and 2 of the show – and going back for Season 3 was like getting together with a group of wonderful friends and having fun.  Sure it’s work – but the cast and crew on this show are so wonderful – it just seems effortless.  Here’s a pic of some of the fellow “teachers” and I.  What a truly funny and talented collection of people!  It is a true honor to be part of this group.  From left to right:  Steve Morel, Jenny Parsons, me, Pat McKenna and Matt Baram.

As an added bonus – Season 1 of WINGIN’ IT was released on DVD in late August – and I was on the cover! Pick up a copy for Christmas!

The show is really fun – and great for the entire family.


On a sad note, a dear member of the crew – Dan Van Wyck – a stand-in for all the male actors – passed away suddenly earlier this year.  He was such a great guy, super professional, an actor in his own right, a loving dad, and just simply a lovely guy to spend time with.  There were many an hour when we would just sit and chat while a shot was being set up.  I know I speak for many people when I say that he is certainly missed.

SINGLE WHITE SPENNY starring Spencer Rice, Deb McGrath, Nikki Payne, Amy Matysio – and yours truly – was cancelled a few months ago.  The reviews were not so great – so I suppose that it wasn’t a big surprise that it was cancelled – but I was bummed none-the-less.  It was really fun to be part of that show.  Very loose, very creative, very funny…hard to say good-bye to.  But hey, that’s show biz.

A short film in which I had a wonderful part – THE MAN WHO KNEW HOW TO FLY – screened at Comic-Con this year in San Diego.  So, I went down to San Diego with my two daughters in tow – to be part of the event. The lead in the film, Kim Stodel, and the writer-director, Robi Michael, were also there. Always a treat to spend time with those two fine and talented fellows.

Last, but not least, earlier this year I worked on a fun, sexy, thriller webisode called NOIR.  It starred Zika Karinova as the “prostitute/killer” with a very bad temper.  Let’s just say – it was NOT a happy ending for me as the ‘john’.